Life Enrichment Sessions

Did you know that mentally stimulating games and activities can wear off more energy than just physical exercise can? Enrichment sessions teach you how to play with and engage your dog in exercises that educate, stimulate the brain, reduce anxiety and boredom as well as wear off energy. These games and activities go far beyond a walk around the block or a simple game of fetch. Enrichment games and activities can also build attention to you and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Each client, dog and person team, is meet with individual attention and sessions and activities are catered to you and your dogs needs and abilities. Sessions and activities can be indoors or out of doors. We offer many games and activities that can be played indoors. These are great when weather prohibits outside play but your canine companion still needs activities to expend mental and physical energy.

Dogs were originally breed to do jobs. They have sharp minds and the desire and need to have a proper outlet for their keen abilities. Although not all problem behavior can be attributed to an insufficient ability to problem solve and have “jobs to do”, many nuisance behavior problems can be.  The great news is, you do not have to buy sheep or cattle for your herding breed, or take up hunting for your hound or sporting breed. Learning enrichment games to play at home, in your yard or out in public are the answer. It’s all about having more fun with your dog though mentally stimulating and challenging play, games and activities. Contact us today to learn more.

Individual one-hour sessions: $90 per hour (then in 15-minute increments for any time spent thereafter) Appropriate sales tax does apply to all training programs.