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Dog Training Classes

for Puppies and Adult Dogs

*All classes are taught at Heritage Animal Hospital in Plymouth/Lincoln, NE, Lincoln, NE*

In addition to in-home consultations for behavior issues in and around the Lincoln, NE/Lincoln, NE area, In Relation With Dogs offers many different levels of obedience and ‘fun’ training classes for dogs and their owners. It is our goal to teach you how to communicate effectively with your dog, and to that end we use positive reinforcement methods that are scientifically proven to work the best — and quickest — in training your dog.

All my group classes are eight weeks in length and meet for one hour per week. Classes are limited to 6-7  dogs per group, allowing for more personalized attention to both dog and owner. Family participation is strongly encouraged, as the dog should know to display obedient behavior for each individual in the household.

Obedience Classes

Dog obedience training options range from learning the simple basics all the way to taking those lessons outdoors, and work for young puppies as well as adult dogs.

Level I Obedience – in this beginner level course of dog training, owners learn how to teach their dogs voice and hand signals for basic obedience behaviors, including:

  • sit,
  • down,
  • come,
  • stay,
  • heel, and
  • attention to the dog’s own name.

Owners also receive instruction on how to deal with their dog’s problem behaviors (jumping, barking, house soiling, etc.), as well as teaching social and house manners.

All dogs under one year of age are eligible for the AKC S.T.A.R. certification upon completion of this class.

Level II Obedience – this is an intermediate dog training class expounding upon skills learned in Level I, with a greater focus on honing your dog’s attentiveness given greater distance from you and increasing distractions, building consistency and reliability to your voice and hand signals.

Level III Obedience – this more advanced obedience class not only strengthens your dog’s attentiveness to voice and hand signals; it also prepares participants for AKC Canine Good Citizens (CGC) testing and evaluation. Linda is an AKC certified evaluator, so upon completion of this level of obedience she can perform the CGC test to evaluate your dog.

Level IV Obedience: Out on the Town – this obedience course is for dogs who’ve completed either a Level II or III obedience class. This training takes place entirely outside throughout the metro area (in the warm months, of course) to further hone your dog’s attentiveness to you — and your signals — amidst the distractions of real-life situations.

Teaching Dog Tricks

Trick Dog Class – this is a fun and motivating class that is open to dogs of all ages. Trick training for dogs offers mental stimulation and a fun way to bond. Trick training also teaches a dog to be creative, and gives them an eager attention to working with their people.

Please feel free to check our dog class schedule to learn available dates for each course. To learn more about the positive training methods we use at In Relation With Dogs, sign up for a dog obedience class or to schedule an in-home, private behavior consultation, please contact us today.

To enroll in a class please complete an application and return it to us with payment. Once we receive this we will send you a letter to confirm your enrollment and give all information needed for the class.

**Dogs must be current on distemper, parvo and rabies vaccinations in order to enter an obedience class.**

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