W h a t   O u r   C l i e n t s   a r e   S a y i n g   . . .

“Linda is amazing, both as a trainer and a person. Her knowledge base is unrivaled, as is her ability to translate this knowledge into helpful, usable suggestions for her clients. Dogs walk away from her classes with a stronger sense of self control, and clients walk away from her classes with a better understanding and a more fulfilling, comfortable relationship with their dogs.

As a CVT and a Veterinary Behavior Technician, I often refer my clients to her for general training as well as behavior problems. As a client of Linda’s, I am grateful for the relationship she has afforded me with my Border collie mix, Kishi.”

– Amy Fellner, Certified Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Behavior Technician

Hello Linda,
I know it’s been over a year ago since we frantically called you out to our home to assist us in our separation anxiety troubles with our Vizsla Surly.  We now have 2 Vizslas (Surly 1 yr 7 mos. and Bandit 8 mos) and as I was calling them to their kennels today I thought about how far we’ve come since you came to visit us!  I wanted to write and say thank you once again for your time last spring when we weren’t sure what to do!!  …Take care and know that we’re a much happier family with two happy pups courtesy of a little help from you!!
Sarah Mulheran

“Linda is absolutely, hands down, the best there is! After working with three other “professional” trainers not only did we not see any positive results, to the contrary, our dog got worse. Desperate for help we contacted Linda after viewing her web site. To be honest we did not expect Linda to be any different than the other behaviorists or trainers we talked to before. Were we surprised! Linda is a wealth of knowledge. It is apparent that she has studied very long and hard and truly understands dogs, their behavior and how they think and learn. Her passion for her work and the people and dogs that she works with is obvious. We would strongly suggest that any one seeking to have a better behaved dog contact Linda. She is definitely top of her field”.

Sara and Sal (and Mutton)


“Thanks so much for the help over the last several weeks.  I enjoy watching you “in action”.  It’s a reminder to me that God gives us all special gifts to share with the world in different ways.  You are very good at your life’s work and I am thankful to have benefited from your expertise.”


“Linda’s many years of expertise and experience in dog obedience training has helped me to develop a much better understanding of and communication with our dog, an Airedale Terrier. Thanks to Linda, the human-pet bond has been brought to the next level!”

Ellen K. Whiteknight, Marketing Manager/Community Outreach Coordinator
Heritage Animal Hospital

“I first met Linda Brodzik some 12 years ago when I was first exploring clicker training and operant-based training methods. She was recommended to me as a resource by Karen Pryor when I made the decision to begin teaching clicker training dog obedience classes in 1994.

Linda has been extremely helpful to me over the years; I can always count on her for some practical (and philosophical) insight into all kinds of training-related topics. She is a masterful analyzer of behavior both for dogs and for humans, and is extremely good at breaking behaviors down into their component parts so that owners can pinpoint and work on each piece separately. I frequently refer dog-human aggression cases to Linda because of her interest in them and ability to teach owners to observe small components of the larger behavioral picture. It has been my pleasure to work alongside Linda on some of these cases. She has a commitment to both dogs and owners that translates into regular home visits as necessary, phone and e-mail support and a willingness to work through any concerns or questions the client may have throughout the process.

Linda has solid skills in dog behavior and training. She keeps up-to- date on current innovations and is excellent at problem solving–if one approach doesn’t work, she’ll find one that does. She is always concerned at a very basic level with fostering positive, communicative, respect-full relationships between dogs and handlers.

I highly recommend Linda as a trainer. She’ll work hard to help you meet your dog training goals using positive training methods.”

Elizabeth Irish Hatch, Certified TAGteach instructor
True North Training Group
Harris, MN

I just wanted to send a note of thanks on behalf of all of our clients who have gone through your classes. I am excited when I hear that a client enjoyed level one so much that they are starting level two (or three). I just got out of an exam room with a client who shared that your home visit had made all the difference in the pet’s behavior as well (and it was certainly noticeable to me). Your no nonsense knowledgeable approach is just what the doctor ordered!

On behalf of all our patients and their owners,

Thank you,

Rich Silverstein, DVM
Heritage Animal Hospital, PA

“We were referred to Linda and ended up calling her with little hope that she (or anyone) could help us with our dog. My husband and I had invested more time and money than we could afford on several classes, reading books, seeking advice from professionals – trying every option possible in effort to improve our dog’s behavior. We felt as though we had gotten in over our heads with choosing a high-strung dog that did not fit well within our previously peaceful life. We brought into our family a male Hungarian Vizsla puppy, not fully appreciating the true meaning of a very “high energy dog”. Our little pup, who we named Henley, quickly grew into an 80lb. redheaded terror who never let us rest. No matter what we did or how much we exercised him, his constantly destructive and naughty behavior around the house was driving us crazy. Being an animal lover and previous dog owner, I found myself in a position I never imagined I could be in; I was ready to give this dog up. The situation had gotten so bad (we couldn’t have company over or enjoy a quiet meal together – even while crated he made his presence well known) that we could no longer handle living with such an out-of-control, attention-stealing, obnoxious animal. I was so sure that we were at the end of our rope with Henley that I almost canceled our appointment with Linda. My effort in hiring her was more of an attempt to earn the right to say, ‘We even hired a dog BEHAVIORIST for crying out loud! We did everything we could!’

When Linda came to our house she was immediately able to point out what was going on with Henley and why. John and I watched in wide-eyed wonder as she quickly made a connection with our dog and let him know that she was in no way going to tolerate his solicitous and inappropriate behavior! Although we knew that our actions of course affected Henley’s behavior, Linda made it very clear as to how and why ALL of our actions (and non-actions for that matter) determined how he behaved. To our surprise, we learned that we had actually been inadvertently enforcing a great deal of what was driving us nuts! We were amazed at how quickly she was able to inspire Henley to calm down and listen (we later joked that Linda had performed an exorcism on our dog!). We learned that a lot of his nervousness and constant naughtiness stemmed from his need for appropriate boundaries and feedback (which we thought we had been correctly doing all along). We were both so impressed and inspired by not only her gentle yet firm way, but also with what she taught us in such a short amount of time. What Linda shared with us was completely different (and made more sense) than what other trainers, breeders and fellow owners had advised us to do. During her consultation she provided us with homework and helped us to establish new “house rules” in order to (re)shape Henley’s behavior. Although she admitted that ours was going to be a challenging dog, she left us with encouragement and hope and we decided to commit to putting her advice into action.

Following Linda’s advice was not easy: we spent an intense couple of weeks (with Linda’s phone support) turning our dog around. It took a lot of patience and extreme dedication to follow through with each command and/or consequence with Henley. We found that his progress was directly related to our performance as ‘trainers.’ After about a month’s time we noticed a huge difference in our dog. It has been so helpful to understand the reasons for his behavior. We have learned to read our dog like a book – which makes manipulating his behavior all the easier! If he ever reverts back to his naughty ways we now know how to quickly correct him.

Henley is so much more responsive, relaxed and better behaved around the house. He actually seems happier and more affectionate. It’s been so rewarding to hear guests comment, ‘he’s doing SO much better!’ He’ll always have more energy than perhaps we’d like, but, with Linda’s help, we’ve learned how to work with that energy in a positive way.

We have continued training with Linda through her obedience classes. We are so proud of the progress that we’ve made with our dog. We are currently working on things that three months ago we would never have imagined possible. We have watched Linda work with many other dogs, with different challenges and it’s been a lot of fun to see them progress as well. No matter what sort of help you need with your dog, we whole-heartedly recommend Linda. Working with her will not only help your dog, but also teach you how to become a better trainer and owner.

We could never thank Linda enough for helping us to enjoy our dog as such a wonderful (and ever-improving) companion!”

Nicole & John Richards (& Henley too!)

“One of our main jobs, as veterinarians, is to help cultivate the “Human-Animal Bond” with our clients. Behavior problems can be devastating, not only to the dog, but to the entire family. I routinely counsel clients regarding these matters and usually encourage them to contact Linda Brodzik at Unleashed Behavior & Training Services for further assistance. I recommend that all new puppy owners take your classes. The puppies that have taken your puppy classes become so well mannered that they are a true joy to work with! I have also seen many adult dogs overcome anxieties & become much more confident and happy individuals. Kudos to your program. Thanks to you, many more dogs will live happy lives with their families.”


Colleen Carter, DVM
Heritage Animal Hospital
12624 Bass Lake Rd.
Maple Grove, MN 55369

“Linda is amazing, both as a trainer and a person. Her knowledge base is unrivaled, as is her ability to translate this knowledge into helpful, usable suggestions for her clients. Her training classes not only support her clients, but also their dogs. Her classes enrich and strengthen the vital trust relationship between dog and owner. This step is missed by many less-experienced trainers. Dogs walk away from her classes with a stronger sense of self control, and composure. Clients walk away from her classes with a better understanding of their beloved canine companions, and a more fulfilling, comfortable relationship with their dogs. As a CVT and a Veterinary Behavior Technician, I often refer my clients to her for general training as well as behavior problems. As a client, I am grateful for the relationship she has afforded me with my Border collie mix, Kishi.”

Amy Fellner, Certified Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Behavior Technician

“We have relied heavily on Linda Brodzik’s expertise in animal training and behavior modification for our patients. Linda uses techniques that are progressive, effective, humane, and follow the latest advances in learning theory for animals.

The most important aspect of Linda’s program, in my opinion, is the way she is able to help our clients understand animal behavior and how animals learn. She helps people realize that in every interaction with their pet, they are teaching something, and this in turn affects their pet’s behavior. Once this is comprehended by most people, they are able to conduct the training process on their own and in varying environments, to elements that are essential to success.

Linda, and the positive reinforcement techniques she teaches, makes learning fun for the species on both sides of the leash! Training becomes teaching + learning, which enhances the human/animal bond and helps ensure a long, committed and enriching relationship between both pet and owner.

We are committed to the positive reinforcement techniques taught by Linda Brodzik.”

Tom Diffell, DVM
Brooklyn Park Pet Hospital
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

Before bringing our dog, Lucy, to Linda Brodzik, of In Relation With Dogs, we thought we might need to give her to a new home. She was very out of control and we didn’t know what to do. Now, after completing three obedience classes with Lucy, she’s a different dog! We could not have done it without Linda’s assistance. We strongly recommend Linda Brodzik of In Relation With Dogs!

Brian and Tara Lund

“I have used Linda Brodzik as a dog trainer and consultant for animal behavior problems for a number of years. She continually impresses me with her ability to identify the causes of problem behaviors and help clients form plans to modify those behaviors. I trust her judgment and appreciate her enthusiasm for her work. I will continue to use her as a resource in the future to help people with their pet problems.”

Pierce Fleming, DVM
Plymouth Heights Pet Hospital

“Upon getting my first dog – a 4-month-old German shepherd puppy I named Zada – I knew I wanted to enroll in puppy classes in order to have a disciplined, obedient dog. So I started searching for “dog behaviorists” in the Lincoln, NE area.

When I read about Linda’s approach to dog obedience, I contacted her immediately. I was excited to start learning about dog obedience, but wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. From the first few minutes of class, I knew I had found the perfect dog trainer to help me with my puppy.

Linda has a way of explaining her training methods so that anyone can understand, and she’s very patient with dogs and their owners. Not only does she tell you how to work on obedience or correct a behavior; she’ll show you by using your own dog so that you can see it IS possible.

Although basic training concepts apply, and it doesn’t matter what breed of dog you have, whether it’s a Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, German shepherd or pit bull, all dogs will learn a bit differently, so Linda’s aptitude for problem-solving comes in handy. If a certain method isn’t working for your dog, she’ll take the time to work with you and offer a method that does work.

Not only have I completed Levels I, II & III of her dog obedience classes; I’ve also taken Trick Dog and I’m looking forward to Out on the Town and Dog Agility classes. Linda also came into my home for a consultation regarding a behavioral issue my shepherd was having, and pointed out some rather blatant issues that I wasn’t even aware of, even though I had completed 3 obedience classes with her! If she hadn’t physically seen the behaviors – both mine and my dog’s – happening in the “natural environment” of my house, she wouldn’t have been able to accurately tell me how to modify the behavior.

Even though I was physically exercising my German shepherd – of European working lines and therefore chock full of energy – adequately, Linda pointed out that what was lacking in her life was proper mental stimulation. She gave me some very good ideas on how to mentally stimulate Zada, now 1 year old, to promote good behavior.

I recommend Linda Brodzik to everyone I know who is considering dog obedience classes. I have watched unruly, “naughty” dogs bloom into obedient, self-calming canines within an 8-week course of obedience training. Also, we as owners grow more confident and become true teachers and trainers under Linda’s guidance.

Thank you, Linda, for sharing your wonderful gift with me so that I can be a better dog owner. I receive comments and praise all the time for Zada’s good behavior and obedience. But I’m nowhere near done – as you told me, we’re always teaching our dogs something!”

Sarah Bernier Danks, Search Engine Marketer

“I have had dogs for many years, but a few years ago found myself with Jas, a German short-haired pointer mix puppy, who arrived full of energy and afraid of the world.  Such simple things as being offered food out of an unfamiliar bowl, meeting new people, hearing new sounds, being in new situations, scared her.  She even had times when her feet would slip on my floor and then she’d be afraid to step on the floor.  In addition to the list of things that scared her on a regular basis, she began to eat walls while I was at work.

I first took her to another trainer in the area to work on some general obedience and to help deal with some of Jas’ fear issues and destructive tendencies.  That trainer used traditional aversive teaching techniques with choke chains and prong collars, and I found that the more I worked with her, the more Jas’ fear grew, and then her fear turned to aggression, especially toward dogs and people.  She began to learn that when she alerted to a dog or person, she got a quick jerk on the collar, which hurt, which reinforced her idea that she was right to be afraid of that new dog or person.  Because she was on a leash she couldn’t get away, so she began to go right into an “I’m going to get you before you get me” mode.

I ended up with a much more serious problem than I started with.  Because the teaching techniques included jerks on the pinch collar when she didn’t do what she was told, she also began to flinch when I would give her a command.  I knew I needed another approach.  Not only was the traditional training making the situation worse, I wanted a healthier and more joyful and fun relationship with my dog than I was getting.

I found Linda through searching the internet and was impressed by the vets who recommended her and her articles on her website, which told me that this was a trainer who was constantly seeking the best positive techniques to work with dogs.

After meeting Linda and having her evaluate what was going on and develop a plan to address it, I now know what to do to help her overcome her fears.  We still have work to do, which is focused more on me learning how to change my reactions in those situations where Jas gets scared than it is on teaching Jas to do specific behaviors.  One of the things I’ve learned is that if I’m anxious that Jas will get aggressive, because that is what she has done in the past, she will pick up on my anxiety and that is what she is really reacting to.  Fortunately Linda is a patient trainer and has helped me clue into my unhelpful communication and is helping me develop better communication patterns.

Thanks to Linda, I know I will finally have the relationship I want with my dog, and I love training with Jas and watching her develop into the companion I wanted when I first got her.

I highly recommend Linda to anyone who wants a positive, healthy, joy-filled relationship with their dog.  Linda has incredible knowledge and education in behavior, and it shows in her teaching.  I started working with Linda with a private consultation, and her follow-up support has been excellent.  I have since taken Jas to several classes with Linda, both obedience and trick dog classes.  Even though I would spend four hours round-trip to go to a one-hour class, it has been worth it to get the results I have achieved.”

Rev Dr Sue Coller
Willmar, MN

Hi Linda.

You probably don’t remember us but we had a couple of dogs, including a new standard poodle puppy and an old Jack Russel who passed during the time we were working with you.  We then got a Wheaten and moved to Austin to open a B&B and I was worried about them behaving with guests.

For a year now, I’ve been meaning to write to you to thank you so much for your work with us.  You were amazing at training US and, because of that, our dogs are the hit of the B&B.  Almost every review we get mentions the dogs and some of them are seem to like the dogs more than us – no problem there  🙂
A couple of reviews that speak directly to training are:
“The Best Little B&B In…..The World”
“a great place to stay in every way in Austin”
The two things you taught us that I think have helped the most?  I tired dog is a well-behaved dog.  Our boys get lots of exercise including walks and weekly visits to a 15 acre dog ranch!  And “Done Now”.  It’s a simple term that I can teach guests and both the boys know that means to walk away and leave the person alone.  They will often lay down quietly a few feet from the person and it’s not long before the person calls them over for more pets.  But the key is that it’s up to the guest to choose when, not the dogs.  So even our guests that don’t like dogs, don’t mind our guys.  That’s super good!  But most guests absolutely love them, love how they are and, because they are well-behaved, they get more attention than they know what to do with!

We are having success here, the dogs are a big part of that – and YOU are a big part of the dogs.   Thank you again for the work you did with us.

Blaise & Bess

“I really enjoy the classes and love the way you train!  Over the years I have been to a few different dog training classes and yours is far superior to the others!  Thank YOU!  And Bella always looks forward to coming!”

Phyllis and Bella Latterell