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One-on-One Training with Lincolns most Educated & Experienced Dog Trainer

Private in-home training offers many benefits to you and your dog’s education and bonding that loud and crowded group classes can not offer. All private in-home training programs are individualized to your and your dog’s personal training needs, without the stress or distractions of other dogs or learning in a new and unfamiliar environment, or the need to compete for the instructor’s attention and guidance. Private in-home training is all about you and your dog, and your individual needs, whether it be in manners, obedience or working through mild to severe behavior concerns. At In Relation With Dogs, we thrive to meet your needs with the highest level of expertise and experience in science supported positive training methods.

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  • Behavior Counseling for those whose dogs have behavior concerns that are best addressed individually, outside of group classes.
  • Private Obedience Classes for those who wish to work one-on-one with a dog trainer in their home.
  • Puppy Einstein Training Is for those who want to get off to the best start with their new puppy, and to give their puppy the best foundation for a good life.
  • Manners Class Is your dog always on the move, forever getting into mischief?  Is your dog always in need of your attention? Do you have difficulty getting your dogs attention? Is your dog out of control, do you have difficulty controlling your dog? Did your dog attend an obedience class but still doesn’t pay attention or settle? Then this is the class for you!
  • Come! If You Build It, They Will Come…. this class will fix or build from scratch a reliable recall, even with distractions!
  • Walk With Me Does your dog drag you around town when you go out for a walk? This class teaches calm, cooperative and attentive loose leash walking.
  • Husbandry Training Do you have difficulty grooming your dog. Is your dog impossible to handle for veterinary exams? This class teaches calm and cooperative handling exercises for grooming, Veterinary exams, and daily care.

To learn more about the positive training methods used at In Relation With Dogs, or to schedule an in-home, private dog behavior consultation, please contact us today.




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