Board & Train Program


Dog Boarding & Training = Peace of Mind

In addition to all of our other private dog training options, In Relation With Dogs is proud to offer a unique solution: our dog board & train program. If you board your dog with us and want private training, your dog lives in our home as one of our very own dogs for the duration of their stay.

Your dog will be trained through increasing levels of obedience and general house manners using only positive reinforcement methodology. We do NOT use choke, pinch/prong or e-collars/shock collars at all. Formal training sessions are conducted throughout the day, as well as informal training during general daily interactions and activities.

Each client will receive one training session with us per week of your dog’s board and train program. In addition, a written handout of your dog’s training and how to properly maintain the training will be provided to you.

Going on vacation? To busy to commit to training?  Leave your dog with us for comfort and a positive educational experience!

Private Dog Board & Obedience: Manners Train Program. For Puppies and Adult Dogs.

Serving the Greater Lincoln & Omaha, NE Area

In order to participate in the Board & Train Program, dogs must be human- and canine-social and live within a reasonable distance of the Lincoln, NE metro area. This training option is not for dogs displaying serious behavior concerns such as aggression, anxiety or fear, as private in-home training with the owner’s involvement would be a more suitable and productive training option for these situations.

Participating dogs must be crate trained and be thoroughly comfortable in their crate at night and whenever people are not at home.

All Board and Train clients are encouraged to bring their dogs own food. Favorite toys and beds can also help your dog feel comfortable away from home.

Board & Train Program Pricing

  • 1-week (7 days) – $600 + Tax
  • 2-week (14 days) – $1200 + Tax
  • 3-week (21 days) – $1800 + Tax
  • 4-week (28 days) – $2400 + Tax

Please contact us for more information on boarding and training your dog.





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