Severe Behavior Rehabilitation


  • Aggression directed towards people
  • Aggression directed towards other dogs
  • On-leash anxiety/aggression directed at people or dogs/animals
  • Resource guarding (keeping people away from toys, food, etc.)
  • Food aggression
  • General anxiety
  • Separation anxiety
  • General fear
  • Fear of people/children
  • Fear of thunderstorms/loud noises


We all venture into dog ownership with the best of intentions and the greatest of expectations.

Unfortunately, given the very best of intentions, training, efforts, hopes and love some dogs develop severe behavior concerns such as Aggression, Fearfulness, and/or Anxiety.

Aggression, Fearfulness, and/or Anxiety are common problems dog owner’s face. Misguided training efforts via unsuitable training methods often fail to resolve these issues, leaving owners feeling helpless.

I can help you modify your dog’s serious behavior concerns. Using tested and proven scientifically based behavior modification training methods I can guide you in teaching your dog better and more appropriate behavior skills.

The initial evaluation and consultation generally run 2 hours in duration.  Sessions generally meet at your home as this allows for a better understanding of the behavior concerns and all contributing factors.  Follow up sessions can meet in any environment/place that is best suited to your dog’s training needs, in or out of doors.

I will take a detailed history of your dogs, behavior, past training and other pertinent contributing factors.  I will then guide you through a comprehensive training program that is individualized to your dog’s specific training needs.

Two follow up sessions running 1 hour in duration will follow and be scheduled in intervals that best suits your dog’s training needs. This is usually in two-week increments.

As many behavior concerns may need more than three visit additional sessions can be added on as needed at $80 per 1-hour session.

This package consisting of 4-hours f private and personalized training. Sessions are scheduled on an individual basis to fit each client’s specific needs. The fee for this package is $380.00 (to be paid at the first session).  Appropriate sales tax does apply to all training programs.

Additional one hour sessions can be added as needed at $95.00 per session.

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