Private Obedience Training

 Private & Personalized Dog Training  Programs

At In Relation With Dogs, we offer personalized and detailed training for puppies and adult dogs of all breeds, mixes, and sizes. Whether starting a new puppy on the road to success or bringing the polishing touches to advanced obedience training we have a course that will suit your needs.

Private dog training sessions are suited to anyone who is seeking individualized attention, has a dog who isn’t ready to learn in a group setting or those who would like to tackle specific training or behavior concerns. All private training is personalized to each client’s specific needs and wants.

All private obedience sessions are taught at the client’s home, or any other place the client wishes to work, such as city parks, streets, or other public areas throughout the greater Lincoln & Omaha, NE area. Each course is individually designed to each client/dogs needs.

 Contact me today to discuss your dog’s individual training needs.



Start Your Puppies Training off Right By Building A Stronger Foundation

Training and socializing a new puppy can seem like a daunting task. To make sure you start your puppy off right, we offer you this private in-home program. Puppy Right Start is puppy training for individuals who seek guidance in helping their new puppy find the right start in life.

We use only positive reinforcement and motivational methods that support a positive learning experience for you and your puppy. Positive, proactive training methods build trust, confidence, and attention span in dogs. They also lead to happy, social attitudes when dogs meet people and other dogs and interact with the world around them.

This personalized course will teach you how to offer your puppy proper socialization to people (adults and children) other dogs, as well as to new sounds, sights, places, and situations in a safe and systematic manner that builds on trust and comfort.

In our private puppy training sessions, you will learn how to use positive training methods to prevent problem behaviors and build on cooperative learning, as well as learn how to build good house and social manners. To that end, we like to meet in the client’s home (when possible) to be able to work directly with the puppy in his/her own environment.

We will work through individual behavior and training concerns such as:

  • socialization skills,
  • house/potty training,
  • crate training,
  • greeting people calmly,
  • appropriate play and mental stimulation,
  • and more.

In addition, you will learn how to teach the beginning levels of basic obedience behaviors, such as:

  • come,
  • settle on bed/rug/mat,
  • sit, and
  • down…

…in a manner that engages your puppy in a positive manner and builds their desire to learn from you.

This is a 4-week package consisting of 4-1-hour sessions: $480.00  (to be paid at first visit)



This is where it all begins. This class will set you and your dog up for a successful relationship of clear communication, attention, self-control and eager compliance to your guidance/commands. This is a 6-week course meeting 1 hour per week. This program is for dogs over 4 months of age. Scientifically based positive reinforcement methods are used exclusively. Each course is individually designed to each client/dogs needs.

Your dog will be taught:

  • Name Response
  • Settle
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Loose Leash Walking Foundation
  • Stay
  • Leave It

This course offers an excellent foundation to obedience, manners, and attention. Contact us to discuss your dog’s specific training needs.

This is a 6-week package consisting of 6-1-hour sessions: $480.00  (to be paid at first visit)



This class puts “The Icing On The Cake” to your dog’s training. In this course, you will learn advanced training skills that build upon attention with distractions, distance work and confirmed commitment from your dog. This is a 6-week course meeting 1 hour per week.  Scientifically based positive reinforcement methods are used exclusively. Each course is individually designed to each client/dogs needs.

Your dog will be taught:

  • Advanced abilities to all previously taught obedience behaviors
  • Attention with distractions present
  • Settle in public
  • Real life application of all obedience exercises

This course takes your basic training to a new level of attention and ability in public and real-life situations. Contact us to discuss your dogs specific training needs.

This is a 6-week package consisting of 6-1-hour sessions: $480.00  (to be paid at first visit)


MANNERS: Teaching Calm, Control, and Attention

Is your dog always on the move, forever getting into mischief?  Is your dog always in need of your attention? Do you have difficulty getting your dogs attention? Is your dog out of control, do you have difficulty controlling your dog? Did your dog attend an obedience class but still doesn’t pay attention or settle? Then this is the class for you!

This is a 4-week course meeting for 1 hour per week. This program is for dogs over 4 months of age. Scientifically based positive reinforcement methods are used exclusively.

Your Dog will be taught:

  • How to  Settle and Self-Control
  • How to Settle on Matt
  • Calm and Controlled Door Manners
  • Food Manners
  • Greeting Manners/Family and Guests
  • Impulse/Self Control Exercises
  • Attention to You

This is a great class for any dog, no matter how old or young that needs to learn better-coping skills, manners, and impulse control. Contact us to discuss your dog’s specific training needs

This is a 4-week package consisting of 4-1-hour sessions: $320.00 (to be paid at first visit)

“COME!” – Recall Rescue

Teaching your dog to “come” when called is one of the most important, if not the most, important lesson you will teach your dog. Getting a reliable recall (come) eludes many pet owners, causing frustration as well as safety concerns.

If you are looking to improve your dog’s attention and response to you when you call him/her, whether in from the yard or in distracting public situations (such as the dog park) I can help!

This class will focus on relationship building and attention, as it breaks down and systematically, teaches the important and individual pieces of a reliable recall.

This class starts with a 1-hour session in your home. In this session, you will learn how to build your dog’s attention to you, in general, and specific to distractions. You will also learn how to break down the recall exercise into small and achievable segments that your dog can not only succeed at but also enjoy.

Two 45 minute sessions will follow. These sessions will be taught out of doors where ever you would like to meet, whether it be in your yard or at a local park.

Extra sessions can be added on should you feel you would like more guidance.

Enrollment Fee: $200.

WALK WITH ME – Teaching Loose Leash Walking

Details coming soon …

CALM & COOPERATIVE HANDLING – For Grooming, Veterinary exams and Daily Care

Details coming soon …


  • Aggression directed towards people/children
  • Aggression directed towards other dogs
  • On-leash anxiety/aggression directed at people or dogs/animals
  • Resource guarding (keeping people away from toys, food, etc.)
  • Food aggression
  • General anxiety
  • Separation anxiety
  • General fear
  • Fear of people/children
  • Fear of thunderstorms/loud noises


We all venture into dog ownership with the best of intentions and the greatest of expectations.

Unfortunately, given the very best of intentions, training, efforts, hopes and love some dogs develop severe behavior concerns such as Aggression, Fearfulness, and/or Anxiety.

Aggression, Fearfulness, and/or Anxiety are common problems dog owner’s face. Misguided training efforts via unsuitable training methods often fail to resolve these issues, leaving owners feeling helpless.

I can help you modify your dog’s serious behavior concerns. Using tested and proven scientifically based behavior modification training methods I can guide you in teaching your dog better and more appropriate behavior skills.

The initial evaluation and consultation generally run 2 hours in duration.  Sessions generally meet at your home as this allows for a better understanding of the behavior concerns and all contributing factors.  Follow up sessions can meet in any environment/place that is best suited to your dog’s training needs, in or out of doors.

I will take a detailed history of your dogs, behavior, past training and other pertinent contributing factors.  I will then guide you through a comprehensive training program that is individualized to your dog’s specific training needs.

Two follow up sessions running 1 hour in duration will follow and be scheduled in intervals that best suits your dog’s training needs. This is usually in two-week increments.

As many behavior concerns may need more than three visit additional sessions can be added on as needed at $80 per 1-hour session.

This is a 4 session package: $320.00 (to be paid at first visit)

Additional one hour sessions can be added as needed at $80.00 per session.

For less severe behavior problems please visit my Dog Behavior Consultations page

To view my educational and experience biography please visit my Bio Page


We train your dog for you, in your home, while you are at work.

Do you have a new puppy or an adult dog who needs some training in obedience or manner? Do you need help teaching your dog to walk calmly on leash, great people calmly or settle into self-play.  Are you away at work all day and having a hard time committing to a training program? We have the answer! In Relation With Dogs offers a comprehensive service in which a highly educated an experienced professional trainer comes to your home to train your dog while you are away. Each session is 45 minutes long and will focus on your specific goals. With your permission dogs in a Day Training Program can be taken into public areas to train to gain better ability and focus in distraction situations. Many skills can be taught faster and more efficiently by a professional. This service includes weekly learning sessions (required) with you present – so you can keep building on your dog’s success.

Trainer meets with dog Monday Thru Friday. This program is available in the greater Lincoln area only.

Packages & Pricing :

Single visit … $45.

5-day/1 week package (Including 45-minute session with the owner) …  $250.

10 day/2 week package (Including 2-45 minute sessions with the owner) … $500.

15 day/2 week package (Including 3-45 minute sessions with the owner) … $750..

20 day/2 week package (Including 4-45 minute sessions with the owner) … $1000.


  • Appropriate sales tax will apply to all training programs.
  • Refund Policy: No Shows or cancelations that are made less than 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment will be charged for one hour. No refunds are offered on unused portions of a course once it has begun. Sessions must be used in a 4 month period.
  • To learn more about our positive training methods, schedule an in-home, private dog behavior consultation, or to get started on your private training sessions, please contact us today.

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