Puppy Einstein

Start Your Puppy’s Training Off Right By Building a Strong Foundation

Training and socializing a new puppy can seem like a daunting task. To make sure you start your puppy off right, we offer you this comprehensive, positive and motivational, private in-home program. Puppy Einstein is puppy training for individuals who seek guidance in giving their new puppy the very best start in life, and the foundation needed to mature into a confident and social, well-mannered companion you can be proud of.

We use only positive reinforcement and motivational methods that support a positive learning experience for you and your puppy. Positive, proactive training methods build trust, confidence, attention and an eager learning response with your puppy. Our positive, science supported methods also lead to happy, social attitudes when dogs meet people and other dogs and interact with the world around them.

This personalized course will teach you how to offer your puppy proper socialization to people (adults and children) and other dogs, as well as to new sounds, sights, places and situations in a safe and systematic manner that builds on trust and comfort.

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Puppy Einstein Training in The greater Lincoln & Omaha, NE Region

In our private puppy training sessions, you will learn how to use positive training methods to prevent problem behaviors and build on cooperative learning, as well as learn how to build good house and social manners. To that end, we like to meet in the client’s home (when possible) to be able to work directly with the puppy in his/her own environment.

Puppy Einstein I: 90-minute in-home or online pre-puppy consult. Learn how pre-planning and management can help your puppy make a smoother transition to your home and reduce stress and stress-related behavior concerns. We will also focus on creating positive crate training and potty training methods. Written handouts will be provided with this session.

Puppy Einstein II: This 4-week course meets at your home for 1-hour sessions once per week for 4 consecutive weeks.

Want a well balanced and well-behaved pup? The first 16 weeks of a puppies life are the most critical and impressionable learning time of a dogs entire life. The experiences and training that your puppy has during this important period, whether they be positive and negative experiences can affect your puppy for the rest of his or her life. Puppy Einstein Training can help you provide a positive training and socialization experience for your puppy. This course will help you learn how to properly and safely socialize your pup to new people, other puppies, noises, being handled, as well as how to deal with potentially scary events.

This course will also start your puppy learning the basics of sit, down, come, stay, attention to his/her name, and how to settle on his/her rug or bed.

We will also work through individual behavior and training concerns such as house/potty training, crate training, greeting people calmly, as well as address appropriate play and mental stimulation and enrichment.

Start off on the right paw to a life free of good manners, attention and social ability. Enroll your puppy today!

Puppy Einstein III: This 4-week course meets at your home for 1-hour sessions once per week for 4 consecutive weeks.

Because the learning never ends, Puppy Einstein II continues helps you continue on the lessons you started in Puppy Einstein I. In this level we will continue to build upon your puppies socialization program. We will also build upon the previous lessons of sit, down, stay, come, Attention to name and how to settle an stay on his/her rug/bed. In addition we will introduce loose leash walking so you can get out an show off your adorable companion.

As preventing behavior problems is always at the forefront we will continue to focus on house and social manners as your puppy continues to mature.

Private, in-home puppy training is available to those clients who live in and around the Lincoln & Omaha, NE metro area.


Pricing for Puppy Einstein:  

We offer several options for private puppy training:

  1. Puppy Einstein I – $135.00  Meets at clients home for 90-minutes. $120.00 if meeting online via Skype, Zoom, Facetime.
  2. Puppy Einstien II & III – $340.00 (to be paid at first visit)  Four-week course, meet for one hour per week, four consecutive weeks.
  3. Individual one-hour sessions at clients home: $100.00 ( $25.00 for each 15-minute increment of time spent thereafter.)
  4. On-Line Puppy Consult: $80.00 per hour ($20.00 for each 15-minute increment of time spent thereafter) Get the benefits of an in-home consult online. In the age of technology such as Skype, Zoom or Facetime, we can meet online and get help to you fast. This one-hour interactive online session is perfect for fixing problems such as housetraining, play-biting, chewing and jumping. We can meet anytime that is convenient for you.

To learn more about Puppy Einstein Training contact us today.



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