Fears, Phobias, Anxiety and Stress
  • Do you live with a dog who is fearful, shy or cautious?
  • Is your dog anxious or stressed? 
  • Living with a fearful, anxious or stressed dog can be heartbreaking, restricting and even frustrating.
  • Did you know there are training methods that can help your dog feel safe and confident?

If your dog is afraid of, or shows signs of stress or anxiety related to any of the following, we can help.

  • Stranger Danger (People)
  • Children
  • Noises/Sound Sensitivity 
  • Thunderstorms
  • Fireworks
  • Being Left Home Alone (see Separation Anxiety)
  • Grooming/Being Handled
  • Veterinarian Visits
  • Car Rides
  • Dogs/Other Animals
  • Other …
Fearful Puppy

If you answered yes to any of these situations, 
We Can Help!

Our training takes place in your home, or out in public, when necessary. This allows for an accurate and detailed understanding of your dog’s behavior concerns and individual training needs. It also allows us to teach you and your dog in real-life situations that contribute to your dog’s fear, stress or anxiety.

Initial Consultation

This 2-hour session meets at your home. We start with taking a thorough history of your dog’s behavior, lifestyle, past training, as well as other factors that might contribute to your dog’s fear.

Initial Consultation

$ 125
Initial Consultation - First Hour
  • ...for first hour. An additional $25.00 will be charged for each quarter hour increment of time used thereafter. Initial cnsultations can run 1-2 hours long depending on the complexity of the behavior concern.
  • We offer ongoing support via phone, e-mail or text as you progress through your dog’s training program, and beyond, at no additional charge.

We understand that all dogs are individuals, with individual training needs. We will customize your dog’s training program to meet your dog’s individual and specific training needs.

We use only science-based, tested and proven, positive  methods that will  help your dog learn to feel safe, calm and confident. 

We will discuss how to best manage your dog, your home, and your dog’s exercise needs in a manner that supports your dog’s sense of safety and supports a positive training environment as we progress through your personalized training program.

If needed, follow-up sessions will be scheduled in 1-hour increments. These sessions will be scheduled as needed in support of your dog’s specific training program. These sessions will focus on working directly with you and your dog, at your home, or in public, if needed. We will teach you, the owner, how to read and understand what motivates your dog’s fearful behaviors, and how to properly apply the training techniques used to teach your dog how to feel safe and self-secure.

Follow-Up Training Sessions

$ 100
1 Hour Session
  • Follow up sessions can be scheduled as needed and generally run 1 hour in duration. We can meet at your home or any public area where dog's are welcome and supports your dog's individual training needs.
  • We offer ongoing support via phone, e-mail or text as you progress through your dog’s training program, and beyond, at no additional charge.

Are you ready for a positive change?

With our personalized training guidance and commitment to you and your dog’s training program, we help you help your dog feel safe and secure.

Contact us today to discuss your dog’s individual training needs.

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