Private Obedience Training
"Dog training should not be a battle of wills, but an ever-evolving dance of communication and cooperation."
- Nicole Wilde

At In Relation With Dogs, we offer personalized and detailed obedience training for puppies and adult dogs of all breeds, mixes, and sizes. Private in-home dog training sessions are suited to anyone who is seeking individualized attention for the highest level of learning and comprehension. Each course is individualized to each client and dog’s specific and individual training needs. 

All private obedience sessions are taught at the client’s home, or any other place the client wishes to work, such as city parks, streets, or other public areas throughout the greater Lincoln & Omaha, NE area. This allows us to teach the lessons in the environment where they matter most. 

OBEDIENCE I – BEGINNER: A Strong Foundation

This is where it all begins. This course will set you and your dog up for a successful relationship of clear communication and attention. Your dog will learn the basic obedience exercises, as well as self-calming and self-control skills that support a well-mannered companion. This foundation course will build an eager compliance with your guidance/commands. This is a 6-week course meeting 1 hour per week. This program is for dogs over 4 months of age. Scientifically based positive reinforcement methods are used exclusively. Each course is individually designed to each client/dog’s needs.

Dog Obedience

Your dog will learn:

  • Attention to Name
  • Settle
  • Settle on Bed/Mat
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Loose Leash Walking Foundation
  • Stay
  • Leave It
  • Appropriate Enrichment Games and Activities that occupy your dog, build on the other lessons being taught, and provide healthy mental and physical exercise to your dog. 

This course offers an excellent foundation for obedience, manners, and attention. Contact us to get started building the relationship you desire with your dog!

Obedience I – Beginner

$ 570
(to be paid at first visit)
  • This is a 6-week package consisting of 6 – 1-hour sessions


This intermediate obedience course is designed to continue on with your dog’s previously taught lessons and take you to the next level of precision, attention, and reliability.

This is a course for people who love working with their dogs –or who NEED to keep working with their dog.This course will also enable you, the trainer, to continue to develop your training and communication skills. Remember, your dog can only be as good and reliable as your skills support.

Obedience II

In this course your dog will learn:

  • Precision Ability to the already existing obedience lessons
  • Distance Work 
  • Distractions Work
  • Sequencing
  • Training Games that build your dog’s attention and reliability to your commands

Are you ready to move your training skills and your dog’s obedience abilities to the next level of attention and reliability? Contact us to continue building the relationship you desire with your dog!

Obedience II – Intermediate

$ 570
(to be paid at first visit)
  • This is a 6-week package consisting of 6 – 1-hour sessions
  • Prerequisite: Completion of Level I Obedience course with In Relation With Dogs - Behavior Solutions


This advanced obedience course is for anyone seeking the ultimate in reliable and attentive performance from their dog in the real world, with real world situations and distractions. Whether hanging out on the patio of your favorite restaurant, playing with your dog in the park, hiking the trails at Wilderness Park, or just wanting to enjoy a relaxing walk with your dog around your neighborhood, a well behaved dog is a joy to you, to others, and a welcome companion.

This field-trip based course is taught in your neighborhood, at local parks, at shopping centers, or any other public area that you choose to work in that allows dogs to be present. You can choose the locations or leave it to us to find appropriate places that support the training lessons we are working on with you and your dog. 

Obedience III

In this course you will learn to use real world distraction and reinforcements to build your dog’s attention, reliability and comfort in real world situations. 

Bring your dog’s training to the height of attention and ability given real-life situations. Contact us to start building the ultimate level of real life reliability and attention to your relationship with your dog.

Obedience III – Advanced

$ 570
(to be paid at first visit)
  • This is a 6-week package consisting of 6 – 1-hour sessions
  • Prerequisite: Completion of Level I & II obedience course with In Relation With Dogs - Behavior Solutions

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