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Did you know that puppies who engage in early, positive-based training (8-15 weeks of age) are far less likely to develop problem behaviors such as aggression or fear, and are less likely to be surrendered to shelters? 

Early puppy training is all about preventing problems. By teaching the valuable lessons puppies need to know now, you can set your puppy up to be successful in your home, out in public, and throughout their lives. 

As cute and cuddly as puppies are, they also come with challenges. Biting with razor sharp teeth, jumping, house soiling, chewing, crate training, and positive well-planned socialization, can all seem like daunting hurdles to overcome when raising a puppy right.

That is where we come in.​

We can help you raise a social, well behaved and obedient companion that is a joy to live with and have out in public. Puppy Einstein – Right Start Programs offers training for individuals who seek guidance in giving their new puppy the very best start in life, and the foundation needed to mature into a confident, social and well-mannered companion that you can be proud of.

In Relation with Dogs uses only positive reinforcement and motivational methods that support a positive learning experience for you and your puppy. Positive, proactive training methods build trust, confidence, attention and an eager learning response with your puppy. 

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Einstein

These 60-90-minute in-home or online pre-puppy consultation sessions are designed to help you before you bring your new puppy home. 

  1. Breeder & Puppy Selection Guidance – Bringing a new puppy into your home is a big decision. We offer guidance in:
    • Breed Selection: Find the right breed that fits your lifestyle.
    • Breeder Selection: Find a breeder that engages in modern, science supported puppy raising practices that support healthy and well adjusted, social individuals. 
    • Puppy Selection: Pick the individual puppy that best suits your personality and lifestyle. 
  1. Preparing for the Homecoming – Learn how pre-planning and management can help your puppy make a smoother transition to your home and reduce stress and stress-related behavior concerns. You will learn:
    • How to reduce stress in making the transfer from breeder to your home.
    • Positive practices for low stress as your puppy settles in to your home.
    • Positive crate training.
    • Positive house training.
    • Enrichment games and toys to prevent problem behavior.

Pre-Puppy Consultations

$ 150
  • 90-minute consultation
  • Includes Puppy Einstein-Start Right book and follow up support.

Let’s start training! This 4 -week course meets at your home for 4 1-hour sessions. All training is individualized to your puppy’s individual training needs. Because all training is done in your home, training can start as early as you bring your new puppy home. This course is open to puppies up to 4 months of age at the start of the course.

Your puppy will learn:

  • Positive house training.
  • Positive crate training.
  • Positive socialization that supports trust and confidence, and prevents stress and fear when socializing to people, places, sounds, activities, new environments, etc.
  • Enrichment games, toys and activates that teach positive lessons and prevent problem behaviors such as mouthing/nipping, destructive chewing and jumping. 
  • Sit to greet people/no jumping
  • Beginner basic obedience to sit, down, come and stay
  • Calm and comfortable handling for petting, grooming and veterinary visits. 

Puppy Einstein – Right Start I

$ 380
to be paid at first visit
  • 4 one-hour sessions, meeting weekly at your home.
  • Follow-up support is readily available at no extra charge via phone, text or e-mail as you progress through this training course.

Because the learning never ends, Puppy Einstein- Right Start II continues on the lessons you started in Puppy Einstein I. This course is open to all puppys up to 5 months old at the start of the course

Your puppy will also learn:

  • Advanced socialization with a positive approach to building trust and confidence.
  • Stay and stay on matt with distraction. 
  • Attention to name when called
  • Intermediate obedience to sit, down, and come, with distractions. 
  • Loose leash walking
  • Problem-solving behavior concerns as they arise. 

Puppy Einstein – Right Start II

$ 380
to be paid at first visit
  • 4 one-hour sessions, meeting weekly at your home.
  • Follow up support is readily available via phone, text or e-mail as you progress through this training course at no extra charge.

Are you ready for a positive change?

Private, in-home Puppy Einstein-Right Start training is available to those clients who live in and around the Lincoln & Omaha, NE metro area.

To learn more about the Puppy Einstein – Right Start Programs contact us today.

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